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Welcome to the new home of the Texas Authors Institute.  Our goal is simple, to save the history of books published and created by Texas Authors.

More About Us

We have already begun the process of saving books for historical aspect.  We encourage anyone who has a book that was created and or published by a Texas Author to send us a copy.  We will acknowledge your donation with a receipt showing the approximant value of the book.  We have book and author historians working with us for collectors editions and current authors for the newer works.

As we develop this site, we will also add biographies of authors that we become aware of who lived in, or called Texas their home.  For those that are still creating works, we will also link our site to TxAuthors.com for sales of those current works.

To achieve a safe place for these collections, we will be looking to build a facility that allows people to view the collection, including the rarest of books, in addition to have lectures, book signings and other educational activities that promotes reading, publishing and history.

Please, help us save Texas history by donating to our fund.  The money will be used to purchase rare and new books for the museum, build a proper museum to honor Texas history and create educational programs to inspire people to read and write.


Texas Authors Institute of History, Inc.

A Texas not for profit organization with IRS 501.c.3 status pending.

TAIH works closely with other organizations in the writing and reading community to help develope and compliment programs that encourage people to read more, and to improve upon their writing skills.

More to Come

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Our Mission

Saving Texas history one book at a time.

Our Values

To Inspire, Preserve and Celebrate the written word and creative minds of Texas Authors.

Our Solution

Create new and exciting projects designed for reading and writing, while supporting organizations with the same goals.


Help Us Save History

If you are a Texas Author, please download our information sheet, complete it and send it to us.

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