About UsWelcome to Texas Authors Institute of History, Inc.


Founded in 2014 by the creative mind of B Alan Bourgeois the Texas Authors Institute of History is the first museum designed to support and save the history of a state’s authors group: Texas.

More About Us

This is a unique approach of brining in the authors of the past 200 years and the authors of the present while at the same time inspiring authors of the future into one home.

In 2017, B Alan Bourgeois created the statewide Short Story contest for students in grades 6 – 12 to help inspire the future generations of writers in many genre’s.


It's in our rich Texas History to help create beauty through Words


Our Mission

Through the process of saving the history of Texas Authors, TAIH’s goal is to give a space for education of the written word, while also providing a place for authors to be inspired.

Our Values

Through learning from the past of great writers, and some not so well-known authors, we can provide a safe space to grow and flourish in a non-judgmental space.

Our Solution

It is our goal to build a museum to house the millions of books written by Texas Authors, provide a get-a-way location that inspires authors, while also providing an educational service for future writers all in one campus that serves as a retreat and a museum.