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TAIH offers a variety of programs to support the reading, writing, and marketing of authors.

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Through our contests and public events, we continue to support and expose readers to the great books that Texas Authors write.

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Educational Programs

Educational Programs

Engage in interactive workshops and enrich your learning experience, while helping you to grow as an author.

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About us

In 2015, B Alan Bourgeois, a dedicated Texas author and advocate for authors, had a visionary idea. He envisioned a space, both online and physical, where Texans could delve into the vibrant history of Texas authors and their literary treasures. With unwavering determination, he embarked on the journey to create a museum that wouldn't just celebrate Texas authors, but also actively support them through marketing initiatives, contests, and various programs and events.

Bourgeois aimed not only for an online platform but also for a physical location, a beacon of literary heritage that he envisioned opening by the 200th anniversary of Texas Independence (March 2, 2036). His efforts were relentless as he tirelessly sought out living Texas authors from every corner of the state. Yet, he didn't stop there. He delved into the annals of history, unearthing the tales of countless writers who had contributed to Texas literature over the past two centuries.

The website you see today is just a glimpse of Bourgeois' grand creation. We invite you to explore not only the remarkable authors and their literary works but also to recognize the importance of preserving such a museum for the benefit of future generations. Together, let's ensure that this legacy thrives, continuing to inspire readers of all ages for years to come. You are encouraged to donate here 

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