Texas Authors Institute of History

A Unique Museum that saves history, inspires the future, depth and gives to the present..

New Readers Donation Program

We are proud to announce a partnership with the B4R.store bookstore to help us raise funds for the Texas Authors Institute of History nonprofit.

For each $60 donation made through this program, a reader will receive a special code that allows them to download as many eBooks in the B4R.store valued at up to $10 each.  This allows readers to enjoy as many eBooks as they want per year while helping us to raise funds for the museum.

March 2, 2036, is our goal to have a museum constructed and open that will change the history of Texas Authors' past, present, and future.  Help us make something great to inspire readers and writers!  Since April 2015, we have been working hard building up a collection of books, listing Texas Authors, and supporting future authors.  

To take advantage of this program, simply click on the PayPal link below to make your donation.  A code will arrive via eMail within 24 hours from B4R.store that is customized for you to use and enjoy any great eBook you want to read. A follow-up hard copy of the email will be sent at the same time.

A donation can also be made on behalf of a friend or family member which makes a Great Gift for them.  Once you click on the link, enter their name and email address in the information box and B4R.store will take care of the rest.