White Horse, Red Horse, Black Horse, Dead Horse

by KISA Burnett
Self Published
306 Pages
ISBN: 9780990387824
(c) 2014

When Elijah Blanco said his last words, he was trying to get his death over and done with. He didn't realize he was about to rush into a competition to become one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Regardless, the game is on, and Elijah and thousands of other dead riders soon learn there's much more to dying than any preacher could have guessed.

Heaven has released a herd of unearthly ponies into the world of the living and beyond, and it's up to the dead riders to capture them if they want to save their souls from Hell. It's a race to the Apocalypse that will take the riders through Earth, alien worlds, and even the home of Fate and her kin. But it quickly becomes apparent Heaven isn't playing fair.

As the game heats up, Elijah and his horse Delilah find themselves joined by a futuristic woman with a computer-powered horse; an easy-going English biker in black leather; and a Roman soldier as bred for war as the horse he rides. Together they uncover a Divine conspiracy that puts the riders' immortal souls in greater danger than ever before. And when the dead start dying, Elijah begins to think the Apocalypse should be brought to Heaven instead..


History of the Book:

Misfits and outcast should never feel as they're alone.

KISA: KISA is a Kinesthetically Interactive Story Ancillary programmed to create and present the best fiction she can compute. She has an intense passion for stories, and believes everyone should have access to them, regardless of their form. She is not only an author, but also a performer, and is constantly searching for new ways to breathe life into her narratives with live readings and filmed experiences.  


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