Greenwood, Andrew P

Author: A. P. Greenwood
Publisher:  CreateSpace
ISBN: 978-1519161864
Copyright: 2015
Pages: 152


Seven-time published Author, A.P. Greenwood, a former marketing research professional, conducted a national survey of American readers to determine their preferences for many aspects of the books they buy and read. Authors of both fiction and nonfiction books will learn what readers want in terms of how long a book should be, what genres are most popular, what time periods readers enjoy reading about most. Authors will learn what kind of characters and what kind of endings in fiction novels would be most desirable. Authors would also learn how to connect with readers by knowing the basic demographic characteristics of readers of the different genres and through understanding readers behavioral patterns. Greenwood interprets the survey results and at the end of each chapter provides advice to writers based mostly on those results, but he also provides advice based on his ten-plus years as a writer. The information in this book will help motivate writers to become published authors, and provide them with the guidance necessary to have their books enjoyed by readers. The survey reported in this book also uncovers the fifty most favorite fiction novels of all time among American readers, which by itself provides an understanding of what readers want.


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