Author: Cecilla Aros Hunter and Leslie Gene Hunter
Publisher: The History Press
ISBN: 978-1626192270
Copyright: July 2015

When the South Texas State Teachers College first opened its doors 75 years ago, there was only one academic building in the middle of a cotton field, no paved roads, dormitories, or even a cafeteria. Today, the Javelinas boast a proud tradition, a distinguished alumni, and an unmatched passion for education. As it looks toward the certain trials of the future, Texas A&M-Kingsville shines with promise, confident in the knowledge that no obstacle is too great that the Javelina cannot triumph over. Through 75 years, Texas A&M-Kingsville has overcome five name changes, lackluster state financing, and fiscal prejudices, to create a premier university in a rural, bilingual, and multicultural region.


In the fall of 1996, the University President asked Cecilia Aros Hunter, University Archivist, to work on producing the history of the Texas A&M-Kingsville for its 75th anniversary celebration in the year 2000. Coincidentally, Professor Leslie Gene Hunter had started, that same semester, assigning his students in the advanced historical methods course, term papers researching some aspect of the school’s history, mission, accomplishments, and tradition of a noble and proud university. Together, Professor and Mrs. Hunter, along with student contributions, have developed an incredible history of the university they love so much; a testament which will delight both students and alumni alike.