Campbell, Louis H

Author: Louis H Campbell
Publisher: Self Published
ISBN: 978-1482687859
Copyright: March 2013
Pages: 28


The coasts of Ireland and Scotland are fraught with river deltas that are home to commercial centers, extraordinary scenery and memorable history. The Augustus Marie, a modest ship built and christened in the shadow of the great Cunard vessels spent half a century plying those waters, unconcerned about international issues and catastrophes. Then on a fateful night, it too was a victim of a violent storm. But the frugal and creative Scots with support from the Irish engaged in addressing the multiple problems without any income or resources. Discover how any problem is not too great to overcome with ingenuity and commitment. A bachelor sea captain with deep respect for the ocean and for his crew who maintain his cruise ship confronts his obligations and commitments in a delightful tale of two little countries whose bitter and often selfish rivalries are drawn together in harmony ignoring the world powers who presume against them.