Bonner, Cindy

Author: Cindy Bonner
Publisher:  Algonquin Books; 1st edition
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ISBN: 978-1565121041
Copyright: Marcy 1999
Pages: 336

This is the fouth of Cindy Bonner's deliciously romantic historic novels. And once again she perfectly captures the spirit of another time. Here are Texas farm families swept up in the drama of World War I and the devastation of their young men who fought it. Again, Bonner's vivid characters grab us by the lapels on page one.

Almost from the day she was born - in 1901 in McDade, Texas - Sunny Delony adored her first cousin, Gil. Their mothers are sisters and raised their children as if they were siblings, with all the teasing, wrestling, and running wild.

Sunny can't say exactly when their puppy love turned into the full-blown grown-up kind, but before she was fifteen - and Gil seventeen - she knew something had changed. Her mother and aunt knew it, too. They wasted no time preaching right from wrong and describing the consequences of what they deemed "incest."

Taking those warnings to heart, Gil volunteered for the army. While he was fighting France, Sunny married a local boy, only the first in a string of mistakes that lead to broken hearts, broken marriages, lost lives, family condemnation, financial ruin, exile. Ultimately, their passion caused them to flee for their lives and those of their children. But somehow, wrong always felt right to Sunny and Gil.

Right from Wrong is a beautiful - and wrenching - love story.

Editorial Reviews

From Publishers Weekly

We're back in the town of McDade, Tex., for another installment in the family saga that Bonner began with Lily, but that turf may be drying up. This serpentine tale begins breathlessly, when 12-year-old Sunny Deloney's mama walks out on her husband, Dade (she later accepts his blandishments and returns), and goes to stay with Aunt Prudie. There Sunny reconnects with her 14-year-old first cousin Gil Dailey, and they seal their fate with a forbidden kiss. The balance of the novel covers the next 13 years, from 1913 to 1926, with sexually charged encounters between the cousins dotting some otherwise uninspired prose. Sunny marries an alcoholic, abusive husband; Gil goes off to war in Europe. Each tries to forget the other in the arms of various people they don't love; finally, they run off together. Although most of the narrative shifts between Sunny's and Gil's third-person perspectives, the final chapters are Sunny's first-person account of events. This shuttling back and forth results in a sacrifice of the careful structuring of previous novels in the series, and readers may also miss the colorful Texas dialect of the earlier books, which seems muted here. Bonner also skimps on establishing a sense of place, evoked in the first chapter but scanted later. The narrative often stretches readers' credulity as the lovers sacrifice family, income and health to continue their incestuous love. Sentimental fans will probably stay glued, however, through a sufficiency of melodramatic plot twists that accentuate the pathos of the doomed love affair. Author tour.
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From Library Journal

Born near the turn of the century, cousins Sunny DeLony and Gill Dailey were good friends as youngsters and something closer as they became teens. But admonitions from their mothers of sin and incest could keep them apart only so long. In her fourth novel of the DeLony family of McDade, TX, Bonner (The Passion of Dellie O'Barr, LJ 1/96) takes on the next generation, featuring Sunny (the beloved daughter of Dane DeLony), her first cousin on her mother's side, and their love that wouldn't die. Not that the course of this love runs smooth: when Gil serves in France during World War I, Sunny marries and has a child, whose tragic death seems to split the couple irrevocably; later marriages seem destined to keep them forever apart. Happiness and tragedy alternate here as in life itself, and Bonner tells stories so straightforward and true that the reader is soon immersed. A treat for fans of the McDade cycle, this should win Bonner new readers as well.?Michele Leber, Fairfax Cty. P.L., VA


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