Rogers, Alfred

Author: Alfred Rogers
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 978-0738584591
Copyright: July 2010

Ranger began in the 1870s near a Texas Ranger camp in northeastern Eastland County. It remained a farming community of about 700 people until October 17, 1917, when an oil well on the McCleskey farm, south of town, ushered in one of the best-known oil discoveries. Within months, Ranger’s population had surged to approximately 30,000, including investors, speculators, wildcatters, oil field workers, curious onlookers, and the usual criminal element attracted to oil boomtowns. Crime became so rampant that the Texas Rangers eventually were called in to intercede. Oil production peaked in 1919 before tapering off. Images of America: Ranger covers a period of about 75 years from the town’s beginnings to 1950.