Greenwood, Andrew P

Author: A. P. Greenwood
Publisher:  BookSurge Publishing
ISBN: 978-1419659041
Copyright: 2007
Pages: 384


Three hours after a prominent Houston philanthropist is murdered, a mysterious man leaps into the murky gulf waters from a fishing pier in Galveston, disppearing in front of six stunned witnesses. Rhett Sanders, by random chance, had met the apparent suicide victim just weeks before, and his experience in market research tells him that something doesn't make sense. Motivated by curiosity and a compulsive search for the truth, he enlists the help of his girlfriend, Toni Darnell, and his best friend and criminal attorney, Chris Beck, to investigate these deadly incidents. They uncover a connection between the suicide victim, the murdered philanthropist, and a doctor with a taste for killing. But more dangerous is the threat presented by an ex Navy SEAL, who kas more than just a taste for killing -- he has the experience.


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