Patients the Paramedic Pup

Crated by Dennise Wheeler
Written by B. Alan Bourgeois
Creative House Press
32 Pages
ISBN: 978-0983197133
(c) 2011

Synopsis of the book:

A wonderful tale of how through pain, someone can find inspiration to create a toy that will help others deal with their pain and discomfort. Denise Wheeler , while going through childbirth, realized that she needed something to grasp to keep her mind off the pain, instead of squeezing her husband's hand. It had to be something that not only could take it, but also could bounce back better than her husband could. Patients was conceived on that day. Sadly, Patients was put aside as Denise raised her family.

Since any good idea can't be kept under wraps for long, she mentioned it to a friend, who helped her to create "Patience the Paramedic Pup". This simple and yet wonderful toy is now available for children or other s who need something cute and cuddly to squeeze or pull or just hold when they are hurting or anytime they need a friend.

PLEASE NOTE: The toy was never created to due lack of revenue. You are only purchasing the book that was created. It is the author's hopes to still create the toy at some time.


History of the book as told by the Author:

Dennise Wheeler came up with the concept of the story and the toy when she was going through childbirth with her first child.  She saw how much she was hurting her husbands hands, and thought there had to be a better way for patients to deal with it.


Information was provided by the creator and the author on March 25, 2015




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