Campbell, Louis H

Author: Louis H Campbell
Publisher: Self Published
ISBN: 978-1500899431
Copyright: August 2013

A continuation of the flow of entertaining episodes about coming of age in a small mountain town. These experiences are only available from your grandparents, and from those who inhabit nursing homes and retirement centers. Spend a little time at those places and listen to those who need to talk to someone. You will then relate to these stories with a fresh point of view.

Personal History of the book: For those who are awaiting my autobiography, this is as close as we will get for at least a couple of years.  While the locations and names are fictionalized, those who rowed through life in the same boat and at the same time as me will recall, relate and respond to the experiences unfolding in this book. 

I invite your response to the experiences in the book and suggestions to other themes or events that should be inculcated in future episodes as this volume continues to expand.  I hope your life will be enriched in the reading of this tale and many memories tented by the emotions it may recall will offer you both solace and hope, that our pathways may not have been accidentally crossed. 

For those whose chronologies may be current to my own, these episodes will generate a recall of a distant memory that allows for a perspective on the progression of life and its certainty.  We have all been given the constant sequence known as experience.  Our choice is to apply our vocabularies and attitudes to our lives and be able to resonate a resounding "YES!" to the joy of conviviality and sufficient fortune that our lives produce. 

For decades now, I have enjoyed the reflections and experiences of my life with my bride and best friend beside me.  Through all the joys, heartaches and disappointments encountered in my days, my "YES" resonates in the recall of knowing so many different people in so many different circumstances.  I hope your life has a similar refrain.