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Author Victor Manuel Alvarez

No Time To Kill: True Stories of an Arizona Bounty Hunter

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Victor Alvarez follows few rules, the real-deal. A bounty hunter par-excellence, and with the backdrop of 1980s, Tucson, Arizona, he tracks and hunts some of the most ruthless and dangerous criminals free on bail - with may narrowing escapes and jaw-dropping shootouts and thrilling car chases ever penned. It's what Alvarez's fans have come for - and he doesn't disappoint.

The retired army cop and detective, returns in 6 thrilling stories of high adventure and suspense, with some brazen, sensual and at times steamy love scenes. A book you won't be able to put down.

So, what's going on with Alvarez? Imagine being face-to-face with Alvarez as he takes you through a car chase of a known killer and his sister trying to effect an escape - as gunshots and a standoff happen to open Pandora's box. Onto a female bail jumper and a kidnapping - follow Alvarez as he uncovers the kidnapping, an orchestrated hoax, while getting bushwhacked for his efforts. Then a crack-head and known killer, jumps bail - with two drug cartel enforcers out for the jumper's head and Alvarez not far behind, as a three-way shootout ensues. Follow story after story, as he leads the reader through one, then another story of action, revenge, back-stabbing ruthlessness as criminals go out for the bounty hunters blood.

The book's final story, sees Alvarez again in a heated car chase through the desert moon scrape, as two Mexican drug cartel enforcers run for the border with Alvarez dead on their tail, then encountering a hail of bullets when they set-up a deadly ambush.