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Campbell, Louis H

Author: Louis H Campbell
Publisher: Self Published
ISBN: 978-1484021446
Copyright: April 2013

Thriller suspense at its best! This is one of those intellectual books that once you pick it up, you won't put it down. From the very beginning of the story, Motive, Means and Opportunity has a hold of you and won't let go. The refined world of Los Angeles fashion modeling is uncovered with a bizarre crime whose circumstances are not as they seem. What initially appears to be a clear-cut case soon becomes increasingly complex and dangerous. In the shadowed world of government counter-intelligence, national interests all too often conflict. Extreme wealth allows even the most pursued rivals to slip through the cracks. Intrigue, espionage, and bureaucratic government agencies are no match for Homicide Lieutenant Sheri Clearman, a free spirited detective with unusual perceptions and a disarming personality. The perky lieutenant with her elite team engages the crime which burgeons into an unfathomable event that they solve. Learn just how well the most cunning plans can be disguised...