Becki Willis

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The forgotten envelope was like the proverbial can of worms… now that she had opened it, she knew the past would come crawling out, one slimy piece at a time…Photojournalist Kenzie Reese has spent the past eight years trying to forget her past. Now the Mafia is looking for her father and thinks kidnapping Kenzie will bring him out of hiding. Little do they know what a dysfunctional family she comes from! After a miserable and lonely childhood - lived on the run in a dozen towns across the country, using a dozen different names – Kenzie has made a new life for herself that does not include her parents.The forgotten envelope plunges Kenzie into the middle of a political and financial conspiracy. Coded clues and a mysterious key force her to recall the painful puzzle of her past. Each discovery leads to more questions and more changes… and Kenzie hates changes!Now is definitely not the time to be falling in love, especially with straight-laced Travis Merka. She and the Texas Ranger have nothing in common. She's a free spirit, he's all about rules.But there are no rules as they follow the twisted trail of secrets that leads them from Colorado and Wyoming, into the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Full of surprises and vivid scenery, Kenzie's story is a great stand-alone or the perfect extension of The Girl from Her Mirror. This popular Kindle series is filled with mysterious danger and sexy delight, while remaining a clean romance and ‘feel-good’ story.Readers agree, Book 2 of the Mirrors Don’t Lie Mystery Series will make you laugh, cry, and beg for more!“Awesome story. Hard to put down!””Wow! This book is every bit as good as the first one. If you read the first book in the series you'll know what I'm talking about. If you didn't, don't worry. The author gives catch-up explanations when needed. But you're going to love this book.”“This book was even more exciting than Book #1! The vivid descriptions were great and I am looking forward to reading the next book. I definitely recommend reading these books -- great for anyone who enjoys good clean mysteries, which we do not usually get to read these days!”“I should know better than to start one of Becki's books at bedtime :) So hard to stop in the middle!”

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