Knapik, Jane

Author: Jane Knapik
Publisher:  Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 978-1467130035
Copyright: August 2013
Pages: 128


The waterfalls that gave Marble Falls its name have been covered by Lake Marble Falls since 1951, when a series of dams was completed on the Colorado River to prevent flooding along the river. The possibilities offered by water power at the falls and mining at nearby Granite Mountain encouraged Gen. Adam R. Johnson and his partners to lay out the town of Marble Falls in 1887. In modern times, when the Lower Colorado River Authority lowers the level of the lake, waterfront owners can repair boat docks and guests at nearby hotels and restaurants can see portions of the ancient rocky ledges. Todays Marble Falls, with a population of over 6,000, provides services for the more than 30,000 area residents of surrounding recreation and retirement communities.


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