James Frank Dobie

Mysteries and legends abundantly flow through the pages of Texas history and J. Frank Dobie was a master collector of those stories that made Texas famous.

In this second volume of his acclaimed collection, he turns his editorial eye to those tales about the supernatural, the lovelorn, and the infamous pirates who made their way into Texas history. There are also tales told of how places, flowers, and streams got their names.

Dobie is careful in his selection, choosing those tales with the most reliable resources for authenticity. They cover the obscure and the well-known. Among the fabled tales of Texas, one can find stories of "The Mysterious Woman in Blue," "Lovers Leap at Santa Anna," "The Pirate Ship of the San Bernard," "An Indian Legend of the Blue Bonnet," and "Lost Canyon of the Big Bend Country." For history buffs, students, and the plain curious, these are tales that provide unique explanations for the unknown, with a twist of intrigue and entertainment.

Originally published in 1924 by the Texas Folklore Society, Legends of Texas in its two-volume format was released by Pelican in 1975.




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