Lamp's Light

by Chariss K Walker
Self Published
194 pages
ISBN: 978-1499112948
(c) 2014
First Edition

Lamp’s Light is the seventh book in The Vision Chronicles series and picks up where Stream of Light left off. This slice-of-life paranormal thriller continues with the next eight weeks in the lives of a devoted family as they struggle with disturbing and threatening events. With the birth of the twins, James Lewis will do anything to protect his family, even risk his own life to save theirs. James now sees visions of the future through the lamp’s light as it splays across the floor. Drawn toward the light as a moth is to a flame, he can’t resist. In the light, he sees images of ancestors and reunites with all those he loves. Unfortunately, when he jumps into the light, he’s often lost in another realm. It’s becoming more difficult to find his way back to Danny and the family he loves. He has to risk it though because Nate Potter has escaped jail and the danger to his family is too great. Through the lamp’s light, James discovers Nate will attack the manor. The images are disturbing and surreal. Armed with that knowledge, he trains Danny, Sands, and Patty to attack and defend even in the worst of situations. James prepares them for every eventuality but one—Nate Potter has a gun pointed directly at his own chest. Does Nate shoot James during the attack? If so, can he survive the injury? Find out in the next chapter. If you love suspense and intrigue, mixed with a dash of paranormal and romance, this is the series for you!

History of the Book:

This book is a metaphysical/visionary thriller and inspired from my own dream. Each book evolved from that first dream and covers the next eight weeks.


Above was provided by the author.

Chariss K Walker - April 7, 2015

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