Greenwood, Andrew P

Author: A. P. Greenwood
Publisher:  Sunstone Press
 Not Available
ISBN: 978-0865349155
Copyright: 2013
Pages: 460


In 1872, young Nate Henderson travels from Texas with his family, dreaming of gold in the Black Hills. But tragedy strikes in Nebraska, and his life is transformed forever as he develops a strong relationship with both the largest Lakota Sioux tribe and with their sacred Black Hills. Eventually he discovers first-hand the might of the Seventh Cavalry and the intentions of its leader, George Armstrong Custer, to remove all Indians for the Dakota Territory. Nate, placing himself in great peril, secretly devises an intricate plan to reverse the seemingly inevitable fate of the Sioux and their allies. This saga of tragedies and joys, suspense and romance, is filled with unforgettable characters, some we regard as legends. Based on fact, the novel will both entertain and leave readers asking: what if? Includes Readers Guide.


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