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When Hugh Bancroft, Jr., family owner of The Wall Street Journal, died, he left his wife, Jackie Bancroft, one of the wealthiest women in America. After she built the Spencer Theater in Ruidoso, New Mexico, and paid twenty-three million in cash for it, she married her gay interior decorator, Ron Morgan, for the last fling of her life. Glen Aaron, author, was the lawyer for for Morgan and had been so for many years through multiple legal problems. As Aaron came to know Jackie, they became fast friends and she often used him as consigliore and to double check what her vast array of trust lawyers were telling her. On an extended world cruise, Jackie became suspiciously and seriously ill. It became Aaron's duty to retrieve her from the cruise trip in the middle of the southern Atlantic and get her to health care in the U.S., where she ultimately died. Her death precipitated numerous lawsuits from her heirs and Morgan, himself, who had manipulated a position of heirship. This five year intrigue ultimately led the author, Glen Aaron, to federal prison on a technicality, a path he would never have anticipated. That path evolved into The Prison Trilogy, and The Ronnie Lee and Jackie Bancroft Spencer Morgan Story is the beginning

History of the book:

We all have personal defects.  As a lawyer, I did not sit in judgment.  Were a lawyer to do that the lawyer would have no clients. You will be able to identify yourself somewhere in Jackie's story, bizarre as it may be.  But what you will see is what your small defective seed would look like if it were to explode into the extreme.  Folded within this story is the history of the Wall Street Journal from founder Charles Dow and his creation of the formula for judging the direction of the NYSE to being out-traded by Clarence Barron in acquiring the Journal to Hugh Bancroft inheriting the Journal and committing suicide over it in the Great Depression.  This is a story that had to be told as the Bancroft reign came to an end with Rupert Murdoch paying the Bancroft's five dillion dollars for the Journal a century later.

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