Delta Balance

Campbell, Louis H

Author: Louis H Campbell
Publisher: Self Published
ISBN: 978-1482372892
Copyright: February 2013
Pages: 210


Heather Walden’s worst fears were overwhelmed. The pernicious headaches that she had been experiencing were finally diagnosed; incurable brain-stem cancer along with an inoperable cranial tumor. She was given a year to live! Take this journey with Heather, her devoted husband Chris and three children as she confronts her mortality and the normal issues of family and relationships, plodding with certain inevitability toward life’s conclusion and step into glory. Dealing with her children having broken bones, not being chosen as high school cheerleader, the usual childhood illnesses, holidays and issues, walking with their old cocker spaniel, Muffy, or being there for Melissa and Arthur Rinegold, a young couple who directly interact with Heather and Chris, this sweet tender story is haunted by the brutal issue of mortality that we all confront and often ignore in our lives. A gentle but powerful reminder of the preciousness of each day... Dr. Carl Enderson in Delta Balance is the kind of family physician that everyone appreciates. The bearer of bad news is always better if his grandfatherly house calls would set the standard for compassionate human involvement in the issues of growing old, sickness and of death. Dr. Lou Campbell’s multi-level story is one that will engage your mind, your spirit and your heart.