Greenwood, Andrew P

Author: A. P. Greenwood
Publisher:  CreateSpace
ISBN: 978-1511644594
Copyright: 2015
Pages: 414


Private investigators, Rhett and Toni Sanders, take on two cases. First they must solve the murder of Vernon Chandler who was shot in his condominium. Police arrested Chandler’s one time best friend, Anthony Hill, who had motive, no alibi, and records showed that he’d recently purchased the murder weapon. Hill’s attorney, Chris Beck, believes he’s innocent, and that’s enough for the Sanders to get involved. The other case begins with the apparent death by natural causes of the ex-wife of Marshall Hudson, a candidate for the U.S. Senate. Richard Weed, Hudson’s successful but ruthless campaign manager, has a track record for success because he ensures that all of his candidates who run for office have clean slates. If anyone knows a dark secret about one of his clients, Weed does whatever it takes to permanently silence that person. The investigations take place in Houston and in parts of New Mexico. There is suspense and a few shocking plot twists in this old-fashioned detective mystery. Does Marshall Hudson have a deep dark secret that, if publicized, would eliminate any chance for his election? Are two mysterious deaths in Memphis and South Dakota relevant to the investigations? Who are those Penitentes who have secrets of their own who lend a hand? Why would our Department of Homeland Security get involved? And will Rhett and Toni survive? Clean Slate is the fifth novel in A.P. Greenwood's Rhett and Toni detective series, a series of books inspired by the Thin Man movies of the 1930s and 1940s. It's an old-fashioned mystery with suspense, a bit of humor, and heartwarming characters.


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