Some Dreams Really Do Come True

by Gary D Zackery
Self Published
ISBN: 9781310984419
(c) 2015

Synopsis of the book:

Fully Illustrated Children's story about a caterpillar and his longings for a better life.


History of the book as told by the Author:

I wrote Some Dreams Really Do Come True while praying for a co-worker's grandson who was having some life issues at a very young age. I wrote the story in a manner that would allow me to personalize the book for individuals that were going through some of the same struggles. I did this about 5-6 times within a few years and saw a lot of good come from it. It was then I realized it should be published for a wider audience. The illustration for the book was done by a Sam Houston SHSU Art Major.



Information was provided by the author on March 25, 2015

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