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Crystal Vranich

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Divorce was never really in Claira Williams's life plan, but when your husband knocked up his sister-in-law, what is a girl to do? Relocating from Houston to a small town in West Virginia, Claira is ready for a new adventure. Inheriting her Aunt Emma Jean's cabin in the mountains seemed to be the perfect solution. A fresh start in a new place. A good idea until she realized the cabin was being remodeled according to Aunt Emma Jean's final wishes. Living through the headaches of construction and catching the eye of the local sheriff takes a backseat when Claira's older brother, Jim, decides he is entitled to the property. Jim has always gotten what he wanted. One way or another. Claira soon realizes she is in trouble. With the help of her new friends from town and her spitfire mother, Virginia, Claira fights to save her new home. The battle that follows takes a drastic turn when old family secrets get mixed in with the trouble that is brewing. Will she get to keep her new home? Can she keep her mother safe from her brother? How far will her brother go this time to get what he wants?