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Author: Lynn Hobbs

Heart of a Neighbor

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Hurricane Harvey has formed, increasing in size and speed in the Gulf of Mexico. Follow an inspiring journey of the neighbors in Shadowood as Hurricane Harvey changes their lives forever. Can they start over? Will they have to move? Modern family issues are solved with a Christian viewpoint. The residents in Houston’s gated community, Shadowood, have enough stress without adding a hurricane. Kate Davis befriends Lavinia Moore, whose ex-husband Richard’s destructive lifestyle threatens many. Ethan Meyers wife was found deceased. Was it a homicide? How will Detective Marino help Lavinia? Kate lived through Hurricane Katrina twelve years earlier, she cannot endure another one. Will Kate convince her neighbors to evacuate with her as Hurricane Harvey nears? Who goes? Who remains and what awaits them? Will Richard want to know Jesus as his Savior? Escaping to Northeast Texas, refugees find shelter at Caddo Lake State Park. Too painful to view the televised destruction, will any of the neighbors have a home to return to? Can they afford a low interest loan from FEMA? Heart of a Neighbor is book two of the Christian fiction, American Neighborhood Series; following book one, Eyes of a Neighbor. Book three, Mind of a Neighbor will be released in 2018, and conclude the series. All three are available in large print. No profanity.