Green, Ben K

Author: Ben K Green
Publisher:  Knopf; First edition (May 12, 1967)
Retail: $26.95
ISBN: 978-0394429298
Copyright: May 12, 1967
Pages: 320

Here are the yarns of a true cowboy for those who have in their blood either a touch of larceny, an affection for the Old West, or better yet, both.
These twenty tales add up to a true account of Ben K. Green’s experiences around the corrals, livery stables, and wagon yards of the West. Green was a veterinarian who took down his shingle and went into horse trading, in what he imagined would be retirement. No stranger to the saddle, Green claims to have “with these bloodshot eyes and gnarled hands measured over seventy thousand horses.” His tales range from tricks to make an old horse seem young (at least until the poor creature died from the side effects of the scam) to a recipe for making a dapple-gray mule from a bucket of paint and a chicken’s egg. So you want to go into the horse business? You can learn the knavery, skill, salesmanship, and pure con man hokum of horse trading here, in a book every westerner or horse fancier should have on hand.


Below is the information for the reprint

Author: Ben K Green
Publisher:  Bison Books
Retail: $19.95
ISBN: 978-0803270862
Copyright: August 1, 1999
Pages: 304





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