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Author Lynn Hobbs

Eyes of a Neighbor

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“Eyes of a Neighbor” is book one of Lynn Hobbs new Christian Fiction American Neighborhood Series. Meet the neighbors, both old and new, set in a gated community in the older, historic section of Houston, Texas. Targeted recently by the criminal element, turmoil increases. Based on the author’s own knowledge of having once lived in the Heights area, the residents created include all age groups who become tangled in a murder mystery. Romance, suspense, intrigue, and inspiration, intertwine to offer a fast paced read that is indeed a page turner. Who can new resident Kate Davis trust? Has she chosen the wrong friends? Can the neighbors trust her? Readers can expect to find real life situations that will be surprising. Large print paperback, regular print Kindle. No profanity. No graphic violence. Story continues in book two, Heart of a Neighbor; to be released this summer of 2017. Book three, Mind of a Neighbor available in early 2018, will conclude the series.