Campbell, Louis H

Author: Louis H Campbell
Publisher: Self Published
ISBN: 978-1482389111
Copyright: February 2013

Rhonda Lyttle has been forced by medical issues to leave her work as a missionary nurse in third-world countries and focus on maintaining her own health in the company of her dear protégé Gelena Kosse. Her infatuation with meeting wealthy Kyle Hughes several decades before has developed into a genuine relationship, but she realizes that his priorities prevent a married relationship. Gradually, all the issues of his life are confronted and he learns to let it go for the sake of his devotion to Rhonda. This story provides a roadmap of priorities for the development of a faith-based relationship so desperately needed in today’s world. Seek it, trust it and follow it!

Personal History of the book: Based on many experiences in life, and observing people in many different relationships, I wrote this book as a fiction but as a model of perseverance in developing interpersonal skills.  My bride of 50 years and I have had many sessions of counseling individuals and couples about such behavior. The locations are actual and we have visited all of them in our married life.

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