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Joy Don Baker & Terri Goodman

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Authoring a book or article with a writing partner can take the sting and isolation out of a solo writing project. Working with someone who has knowledge and skills that complement your own can make the task of writing easier and the finished work more comprehensive and robust. Partners motivate one another to stay on track and to produce their best work.

The A, B, & Cs of Author Partnering and the workbook in the back will guide you through the process of creating a partnership, establishing a productive work environment, and producing your work of fiction, non-fiction, or journal article.

Alignment (A) is the foundational component that explores the what and why of the partnership and its targeted product.

Balance (B) focuses on the need for author partners to respect their work-life responsibilities and insure this critical element is incorporated into their production process.

The seven Cs include Commitment, Contract, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Commerce, Creativity, and Call to Action. The workbook provides activities to help partners craft their strategies and maximize their collaborative efforts. The A, B, & Cs of Author Partnering presents a meaningful sequence of topics that can be read cover to cover or selectively to meet specific needs.

Working collaboratively brings a diversity of strengths and skills to the project. As a team, partners provide a broader platform to address the variety of tasks involved in writing, publishing, and marketing. Their commitment to one another and to the project keeps them focused on their work, while enjoying the process and celebrating accomplishments throughout the writing journey.