Kayser, Tom

Author: David King & Tom Kayser
Publisher: Trinity University Press
ISBN: 978-1595340139
Copyright: 2012

In vivid episodic chapters, Tom Kayser and David King create an entertaining history of the Texas League, providing a broad picture of the shifting character of baseball operations in this century-old minor league. Portrayed are the many varied and often colorful owners, managers, and players who did so much to give this league a powerful place in Texas culture.

Accompanying the text are dozens of black-and-white photos dating to the founding of the league and an appendix of baseball statistics—essential information for the true aficionado. In more than a hundred summers, the Texas League has brought all kinds of characters, dozens of great teams, and many compelling on-the-field stories to forty-one cities and towns from Texas’s Rio Grande Valley to New Mexico and Kansas. Kayser and King bring them alive for fans who love the game and the teams, from the San Antonio Missions to the brand-new Springfield Cardinals.


“The book is a treasure of baseball stories that often cross the line as downright freakish records.”

— Pecan Park Eagle

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