Books by Anna Church


Travels to Egypt

Hug-A-Bug Travels to Egypt. Will this cute little fuzzy character, Hug-A-Bug, find a new friend to hug while on his travel in Egypt? Throughout the story the reader will learn simple Arabic phrases while on his travel to the famous Egyptian pyramids and other interesting places in Egypt. Teach your kids that reading is fun and see them grow! Visit for more reading fun and activities.




Travels to Greece

Come join Hug-A-Bug on his next trip! Grab your passport and get ready to see the Parthenon, Mediterranean Sea and more on our trip to Greece. As he hitches a ride on a Loggerhead Turtle, explores Athens and masters the Greek phrases. Who will Hug-A-Bug hug this time?




Travels to Peru

The third book of the Hug-A-Bug Travels series is headed to Peru for another exciting adventure! Grab your passport and hop aboard the train with Hug-A-Bug. Hug-A-Bug and his traveling friends explore Machu Picchu, master Peruvian phrases, and meet interesting animals on his trip. Most importantly, he meets a new friend who needs a hug. It's fun to teach your kids to read and watch them grow! Visit for more reading fun and activities.



A Bug Who Needs a Hug

Book 1 in the Series

Follow the main character as he meets other forest creatures while looking for a friend to hug. Perfect for teaching friendship! Most importantly, the bright and engaging illustrations and storyline leaves children with a positive message at the end of the story.