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The City of Tucson, Arizona, a mere 60 miles from the Mexican border, served as a high-traffic point for international drug dealers. As Lieutenant of the Metropolitan Area Narcotics Squad and later as Captain of the Special Investigation Division, Thomas J. (Tom) Nichols’ police career spanned the era of the growth of the Mexican drug cartels and the accompanying war on drugs. He brings with him the inside view of that war: a time of violence, deception, and greed. Now, those stories are available to readers through the seamless, easy-to-follow, and believable characters in his works of police docu-dramas, espionage, and international intrigue.


Raised in Tucson, a former Marine and a graduate of the University of Arizona, Bachelor of Science, Magna Cum Laude, Public Administration, Chief Nichols’ career spanned fifty years of the criminal justice system. Tom graduated from the FBI National Academy, the FBI Executive Development Program, and the Senior Management Institute for Police at Harvard University. His duties ranged from Patrol Officer to Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Deputy Chief, and Chief of Police. Assignments ranged from Vice and Organized Crime, from Canine to Helicopters, from Planning and Research to the transformation of municipal policing, and to Executive Protection for Presidents and Prime Ministers. With his fifty-year career and twenty-nine years at the rank of Chief in Arizona and Texas, Tom has pursued his chosen profession from one extreme to the other.

Tom has seven published books and has written or co-written several screenplays and short stories.