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Dr. Magness is the founder and director of Hope & Freedom Counseling Services in Houston (www.HopeAndFreedom.com). He is a psychotherapist and Certified Sex Addiction Therapist.

He is also the past president of The Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health (SASH), the international professional organization for sexual addiction therapists


Dr. Magness has studied with Dr. Patrick Carnes, the foremost authority on sex addiction, and has done specialized study in the area of cybersex addiction. He has led national workshops on cybersex addiction and has conducted a multi-state research study that focused on cybersex behavior and recovery among self-identified sex addicts. He is a frequent speaker at both professional and public events.

Through Hope & Freedom Counseling Services, Dr. Magness specializes in Three-Day Intensives with men and with couples. Intensives are an extremely rigorous therapeutic process designed to equip people with the tools necessary to make a permanent break with all compulsive sexual behavior and then to lead couples in a marriage rebuilding process. Three-Day Intensives are conducted at a discrete location in the Canadian Rockies or at the Hope & Freedom facility in Houston


Dr. Magness focuses a significant portion of his practice in working with senior executives and other high profile individuals such as celebrities, physicians, and successful entrepreneurs. He also has intensives specifically for clergy who struggle with compulsive sexual behavior.

While his main website is www.HopeAndFreedom.com, Dr. Magness has specialized websites for clients who are part of various populations, including:

* www.ExecutivesInCrisis.com,

* www.PhysiciansInCrisis.com,

* www.WoundedClergy.com,

* www.CelebritySexAddict.com, and

* www.HopeAndFreedomU.com, with streaming video courses for sex addicts and partners.

He is also the author of numerous audio books that are found at www.RecoveryOnTheGo.com and iRecovery, an iPhone app for tracking recovery from addiction, that is found in the Apple Store and at www.RecoveryApp.com. He also has several other recovery related iPhone apps on that site.