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Mike Thompson is an award-winning photographer and writer. He retired from the government where he tested explosives and was the curator of an Army museum. He is a Vietnam veteran medic (1966-67) with a military career spanning 42 years (1960-2002), including the Air Force, Army, Army Reserves and National Guard. Mike, his wife Ruthie, and cats, Daisy and Molly, live on the Laughing Horse Ranch, Land and Cattle Company, San Angelo, Texas. He has owned several businesses, worked as a road salesman, acted on stage, film and TV, been a carpenter, bartender, wine steward, oil landman, raised horses and done many other things while trying to decide what he’s going to be if he grows up. Today he writes, collects cowboy art and gear, drinks beer and western dances with Ruthie at assorted dance halls and saloons across Texas.