Texas Authors Insitute of History, Inc.

Best of Texas Awards

Honoring the best in Texas's publishing industry in the following categories:

Lone Star Publisher of the Year

Texas Author Advocate Award

Rising Lone Star Author

Lone Star Literary Extravaganza

Lone Star Book Emporium Award

TAIH is proud to announce our revamped Texas Awards Program.

We encourage every Texan to submit a nomination for each of the categories below by February 15, 2025.  Yes, you can nominate yourself or your business.  Awards will be handed out at the Lone Star Festival in 2025.  Send your nominations with a single paragraph as to why they should be honored to [email protected] 


Award Categories:

Lone Star Publisher of the Year: Honoring a publishing entity that has exemplified unparalleled excellence and ingenuity in the Texas publishing arena.

Texas Author Advocate Award: Recognizing an individual or organization that has consistently championed Texas authors, providing invaluable resources, mentorship, and opportunities for growth.

Rising Lone Star Author: Celebrating an emerging talent within the Texas literary landscape, whose works exhibit exceptional promise and resonate with readers.

Lone Star Literary Extravaganza: Commending a literary event or festival that has left an indelible mark on the Texas publishing community, showcasing local talent and fostering a vibrant literary culture.

Lone Star Book Emporium Award: Highlighting a Texas bookstore that serves as a cornerstone of the local literary scene, passionately promoting Texas authors and fostering a thriving literary ecosystem.



Lone Star Residency: Nominees must be residents of Texas and have demonstrated outstanding contributions to the publishing industry within the Lone Star State.

Texas Author Advocacy: Nominees must have showcased unwavering support for Texas authors by actively championing their works, organizing impactful book events, or providing platforms to amplify their voices.

Publishing Prowess: Nominees must have left an indelible mark on the Texas publishing landscape through their innovative approaches, groundbreaking work, or relentless advocacy for industry advancement.

Nurturing Growth: Nominees should have played a pivotal role in fostering the growth and evolution of the publishing industry in Texas, whether by founding publishing ventures or spearheading initiatives that empower authors and enrich readers' experiences.

Community Connection: Nominees should have deeply engaged with their local communities by spearheading literary initiatives, hosting workshops, or curating programs that ignite a passion for reading and writing across Texas.

Enduring Commitment: Nominees should have demonstrated an enduring commitment to the Texas publishing scene, showcasing sustained dedication and a consistent track record of contributions over an extended period.