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Listed below are the titles of programs that we offer working with Texas Authors and others in the publishing industry. 

To create a writing symposium, please contact Alan Bourgeois at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get the best arrangement for your institution, often at little to or no cost to you.

You may select to create a writing symposium from the various programs offered, or create a one time session.  Each instructors contact information and cost of services is displayed on the course page. 

We will be adding more writing programs as we continue to expand our services.


Beyond The Pen – What To Do After Your Book Is Published

Book Covers 101

Developmental Editing and Content Editing

Economy of Words, The

Editing 101

Five Forms to Use to Awaken the Poet in You

How Many Ways Can You Say ____?

IRS: Record Keeping 101


Let's Write a Story

Write Like a Comedian and Tell An Awesome Story!

Write Powerful Short Stories

Writing for Different Media

Writing for Young Audiences

Writing for Non-Fiction


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