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Overview:  To Awaken the Poet in You

Audience: All Ages


Many people think that poetry is just for stuffy, high-brow types. The truth is, like most things in life, poetry is what you make of it, and this presentation will show that anyone can find self-expression in poetic form


First, the program touches on basic elements of poetry such as metre, stressed and unstressed syllables, and rhythm. Instruction is at a beginner’s level. Questions are encouraged at any time.


Secondly, the structures of five popular forms of poetry are explored. Those are: couplets, sonnet, quatrane, haiku, and free verse. Again, the information is geared toward “budding” poets. Printed materials outline points of topic, classic examples, and resource references.



·         Costs: Travel expenses plus. Depends on group and event. All negotiable. Opportunity to sell my books.

·         Contact: Oda Lisa at: 512-722-3548 or e-mail at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Oda Lisa, Poet

 Oda Lisa is an author and Poet Laureate of Wimberley. Her poems have been published on-line and in local and international publications. She is the owner of Poetic Pearls by Oda Lisa, a personalized/greeting  card company. Also, she is producer and host of literary arts show, Alphabet Soup, airing on Wimberley Valley Radio, KWVH 94.1 FM, and on soundcloud.com, where her poetry can be heard. Also, Oda Lisa is the publicist for the Wimberley Lions Club.





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