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Overview:  Journaling strengthens writing skills, adds clarity to personal goals and feelings, and grows into material for future non-fiction and fiction writing. All of these benefits while writing thoughts, hopes, dreams, goals, struggles, and daily events.

Audience: For all ages. Session contains relatable, age-appropriate examples.

The Truth About Writing Nonfiction


Everyone has a story to tell. Non-fiction writing includes telling an entire life story or a glimpse into a specific timeframe or a certain topic in ones life, how-to, hobby, travels, and more. This workshop can be fine-tuned for elementary through high school students who are learning the art of writing non-fiction to adults who dream of writing their story or have another non-fiction idea.


A writer should think about their “why” and “what.” Why are you writing this story and what do you hope to achieve? Why have others written similar themed stories and what makes your story different?  Knowing this information helps provide direction as you write. Using these tools, along with defining your target market, gives you an advantage when talking to agents and publishers, too.


Session includes presentation of writing trends: voice, point of view, and tense as well as where to start the story (present day looking to past, past looking forward or combination of both). How does each of these time lines challenge a writer. Discussion about possible legal issues, for example, focusing on telling your story, not someone else’s in order to avoid common pitfalls for getting side tracked or veering into gossip; considerations of name and location changes to protect the innocent or not-so-innocent, as well as writing under a pen name or your own name.


Handouts provided for outlining your non-fiction story with key points, events, and emotions, as well as instruction suggestions for creating a first-draft in 30-days.


Brief personal reflections from a multiple international award-winning, best-selling nonfiction writer. Not given as a lecture, but as questions for writers to consider and answer on their own about their work.  End the session just like ending the book, with a challenge to take the information and make it your own when you write.


·         Costs: Travel expenses plus. Depends on group and event. All negotiable. Opportunity to sell my best-selling, award-winning Face Forward, Move Forward book and journals. I am willing to sell books and journals in advance for wholesale cost based on numbers sold in advance of event.

·         Contact: Arlene Gale at: 817-798-9469 or e-mail at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






 Arlene Gale, Author and Public Speakers


Arlene Gale has more than 25 years of writing and speaking experience. Her non-fiction book Face Forward, Move Forward became an amazon.com “#1 Best New Release” and stayed on its “#1 Best Seller” list in four categories. Face Forward, Move Forward earned the “USA Best Books Finalist Award” and the international “Stargazer Literary Press Silver Medal Award.” Face Forward, Move Forward now has six companion journals on the themes of: Do Not Be Afraid, Peace, Inspiration, Hope, Love, and a Youth Journal.

Arlene wrote and published numerous award-winning short stories and professional articles for a variety of markets and media including trade magazine articles; human-interest, inspirational, and sports magazines; as well as education and marketing programs for businesses and non-profits. She has written professional speeches, education programs, and commercials for radio and television.

She advises both non-fiction and fiction writers on writing and publishing issues. She has written and presented public education and information programs for city councils, community interest groups, scouting, education, and other professional groups. Arlene is a mentor volunteering her time at SCORE, part of the Small Business Administration, to help startup and new businesses in a variety of writing topics.

Arlene is a strong advocate of STEM/STEAM programs in education. She is the coach of a nationally and internationally competitive, award-winning coach and mentor of robotics teams and programs for students in 6th grade through high school. Arlene is proud of her work in teaching people of all ages how to create and deliver public speaking programs.

Arlene earned a Marketing/Public Relations (with a minor in radio/TV/Film) degree from Texas Christian University and a Masters in Marketing (with concentrated studies in Urban Afraid and Social Work) from the University of Texas at Arlington. She lives in North Texas with her husband and sons.

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