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Overview: Using the same phrases and descriptions are ruts we all fall into. This workshop will consist of an engaging look at techniques to prevent our writing from becoming mundane.

Audience: All Ages

The participants in this workshop will have the opportunity to do exercises and share their own tips. The material will be presented in a fun and upbeat manner using the Emotion Thesaurus as well as other reference material. Handouts will accompany this presentation.


            “He walked.” Really? Do you know there are over 115 ways to describe the way a person walks? Why should you limit yourself to using the same words over and over again? The same is true with voice descriptions and many other modes of communication we must rely on in telling a story.


In this presentation, we will explore the different descriptive words that can take the place of ordinary. This brings your writing up to a new level of excitement both for you, the author, as well as the reader.


I will have several handouts for authors to take away and use as reference material. The Emotion Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to Character Expression will be referred to frequently during this presentation as well as other resources authors may seek out.


I will design a PowerPoint presentation to be used in conjunction with printed material.



·         Costs: Travel expenses plus. Depends on group and event. All negotiable. Opportunity to sell my  award-winning books; Convict and a Rose, Flowers and Stone, Home Alone and Til Death Do Us Part.

·         Contact: Jan Sikes at: 469-450-0784 or e-mail at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Jan Sikes, Award Winning Author


Multi-Award winning author, Jan Sikes, weaves stories in a creative and entertaining way. She has been called a magician and wordsmith extraordinaire by her readers and peers.


Most recently, Jan completed a series of four books about a Texas musician who was a pioneer in the Outlaw Music movement before it ever had a name. She also released a music CD of original songs matching the time period of each story.


Jan has written songs, poetry, short stories, screenplays and novels. She resides in North Texas and sits on the board of directors for the North Texas Book Festival, The Texas Musicians Museum and the Texas Authors Institute of History.



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