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Sahithi Alla - Change Comes with Time


Like any other day I walked home, my poor shorts and T-shirt saturated in water. I happily danced in through the front door and shouted a cheerful greeting letting my mother know that I was home. She first looked a bit worried when she spotted me, but it instantly disappeared the moment she acknowledged my muddy clothes and messed up hair. By now everyone in the family was used to this. As a child, California has always been home and I knew that it always would be. For all I knew, being Californian meant beach and that meant dirty. I knew every street by heart, named every single hawk, and knew every single person that came across my path. So like any other day, after hours of running up and down the beachline, I took a nice warm and steamy shower and joined my family for dinner. As I began stuffing myself with the delicious spaghetti, the worry was back on my mother’s face and my father’s jaw was clenched tight. They almost looked as if they were hiding something. “Is everything all right,” I asked? They immediately sat up straighter and smiled. “Of course,” they replied. With that being said, I immediately started blabbering like usual, filling them up with all the adventures of the day and the rebellious plots that me and Sandra, my best friend had been up to. I fell asleep that night watching the marvelous sunset, which consisted a variation of colors, not knowing the news that awaited me. The morning flew by, in no time I was joyfully skipping to school and waving to everyone. Class drifted on along with recess, consisting of the usual intense games of double-dutch and tetherball.

Before I knew it, the school bell rang and I made my way to the quiet and blissful spot behind the school to meet Sandra. She was there at what we called our secret spot. It wasn’t much but a calm spot with a small water puddle which we called a pond, a wooden bench surrounded with bright yellow blooming sunflowers. Sandra was already there when I arrived, and we both sat there for a few minutes and just swallowed the breath-taking view. Although we have seen it many times, we could never seem to get enough of it. However, what I didn’t know those would be my last days of skipping, double-dutch, running the field, competing at almost everything with Alex Blocker, going to the beach, and sitting in our hideout with my best friend. I made my way home, and I found a huge moving tuck in front of my house. I was quite surprised and curiously wandered into the house to ask my mother who was moving. Seeing the interior of my house, a small jab of realization entered my body. My mind was screaming,” NO, NO, NO, of course we are not moving, although the truth sparked through each and every nerve. Boxes were everywhere and my mother was in the kitchen. Seeing me she said,” Rosetta, honey we are moving to Houston, Texas.” Hearing those words, I sprinted out of the house and didn’t stop running till I was in front of Sandra’s door. Seeing my startled, shocked, and sorrowful expression, she said,” What happened?” After explaining she was just as agitated as me. So that evening, my best friend gave me at least 100 hugs and the bracelet on her hand, as something to remember her by. I

in return gave her the cute eraser that I had won that morning at the flagpole ceremony. I waved to the horizon and the beach that I had known for so long. I plucked a sunflower from the field, and said my final good-byes. After talking with my parents and receiving several apologies for not telling me sooner, we set off on a long car drive to Houston Texas. I was grouchy and furious the whole time. My ranting didn’t stop; I mean why would it? We were moving from lovely and beautiful California to swampy and humid Texas. Somehow though even after all of that I never did cry for California. I didn’t cry even though I was being taken away from everything I had known. 2 weeks later I was attending my new school and had made a couple of new friends. That evening no screen door banged open, no hawks flew up in the sky, and the sunset wasn’t even visible. As I grew older and days passed I learned a lesson. Everything wasn’t always going to happen the way I planned. Somedays though the pain came back, this time with tears. I continued living in Texas and California remained as memory. California was always home, but nonetheless change comes with time. So that night I fell asleep in the Dallas, TX, the place that I ended up last, looking at the starry sky. Till this day I remember Change comes with Time and that I must never forget.