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Emma Guerra - Ten Seconds

The “bum, bum, thump” of the bass hypnotized me, his cologne smelled mysterious and earthly, I had only seen him for 10 seconds. 10 seconds. 10 glorious seconds and in those 10 seconds I forgot my name, felt butterflies in my stomach, and my heart beat at a rapid pace of a thousand beats per minute. In 10 seconds I had seen our entire future...

Our three kids running around the front yard of our two-story home in suburbia as we looked on from the front porch swing that he had so skillfully built. Our legs entwined on one end as I lay on his chest listening to the thump of his heart. We sipped our sweet teas and watched our kids play, reminiscing about our early love.


“Remember the night we met?” he asks me, “Of course I do, but do you?!” I refute, positive he'll attempt to dodge the question. “February 17th, 2017, it was a Friday. I had just broken up with my girlfriend so my friends and I decided to have a ‘boys night’” he says confidently. He pauses, “What? How could I forget the night I met the love of my life, the mother of my children, my best friend?”.

No, no, continue please, I'm waiting for the most important part!”.

He scoffs, “Well, I was moping around the club, you know… the one with the lights and the music? Anyways I had been dragged onto the dance floor and I was doing my best wobble when suddenly I looked over and saw an angel”.

“Stop it, I was a mess!” I exclaim.

“A beautiful, enticing mess. You were wearing that slinky silver glitter dress, that hugs all your curves just right, and then your makeup, you wore red lipstick that made your lips looked full, and dangerous. You were dancing with your friends, like nobody was watching, but I was. How lucky am I that at the exact moment I looked at you, you looked right back at me. Our eyes locked, for just 10 seconds, 10 glorious seconds, but that's all it took, for me to know that I would marry you. I started walking towards but right as I began you turned the other way and headed to the bar. I tried to go after you but I lost you in the crowd, as if I hadn't been in a big enough funk already, losing you set me back even more. I for sure thought I would never see you again.”

“But you did! And aren't you lucky?!”

“Shhh, my story”, he replied in that sarcastic manner I had fell in love with. “Fine, fine, carry on” and he did,

“I think it was midnight or past midnight, we were just leaving that atrocious club and all I could think about was this one girl I had seen. The girl I knew I was going to marry, the girl I had to find or I would never be able to truly experience happiness or love, or any of the good stuff for that matter. I was walking down the street past this little coffee shop… what was it called…”

“THE LITTLE BEAN!!” I exclaim, so excited to finally add my two cents.

“YES, The Little Bean! Anyways I was walking past there and I here these laughs coming from inside, there was a cackle, a giggle, and the most beautiful laugh I had ever heard, I know it was you. So i waltzed inside did a survey of the room, and spotted you in the back with your friends, and oh man, you were even more beautiful in the light. Obviously I had to talk to you, so I called ‘Hey’, with no answer…”




My vision of our perfect future slowly began to fade. I panicked, my heart beat fast, my hands turned sweaty all for fear of losing a future that could possibly never exist. But I wanted to hold onto it so bad, to have the chance at this picture perfect life. To my defeat, suddenly I was back in the club with the “bum, bum, thump” of the bass, my friends all dancing around me, distraught. I was so disappointed with losing this perfect life, I almost missed my chance in real life until, I looked up, and there he was. Standing there looking right back at me.


“Hey…” says sheepishly, “Wanna dance?”.