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Thank you for signing up for the Nickels for History program. By completing this form, you agree that you are authorized to sign up for the bookstore you are listing, and agree to one of the two options listed below.

Option 1 - Display the donation box for patrons to donate freely to the Texas Authors Institute of History.

Option 2 - The store will donate five cents ($0.05) per book sold during the month of August 2018.

Option 3 - A straight donation from the bookstore of $250 or more.

In exchange, Texas Authors Institute of History, Inc. (TAIH), will promote your store on it’s website within 15 days of you signing up to participate in this program. Promotion of the book store will continue through September 15, or later as TAIH deems necessary. This promotion may consist of web site promotion, social media promotion and advertising promotion as deemed revelant to TAIH and promoting this program.

Final payment of the donation from each nickle of each book sold will be paid to TAIH no later then October 1st.

By electronically signing this form, you agree to the above terms and conditions.