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We’re building a dream out of brick and mortar and more. Imagine the one and only museum of its kind to house historical texts and documents, current books and artifacts exclusive to Texas Authors. Imagine the rich history of Texas authors being preserved in one vacation, education, and preservation destination. Imagine collections from O Henry and Larry McMurtry, to Molly Ivans, from Jodi Thomas to Rick Riordan, and then your books, too. Imagine a museum where not only Texas authors’ history is preserved, but it can be used for community or corporate meetings, book signings and writing workshop educations events, children’s story times, and so much more.

Time to stop imagining. The time to create reality and move forward is now. You can make a difference. At this time of year when gift giving begins to cement our thoughts, the Texas Authors Association is offering up a unique opportunity for you to be on the ground floor of creating this museum. Your tax-deductible donation becomes a win-win blueprint for funding this fabulous museum. Here are just a few ideas of how you can donate a monetary gift for someone special on your list now and all year long. Never again can you say, “I just don’t know what to give ____ for ______ occasion.”


The nuts and bolts of how this works: You, a friend, family member, or corporation makes the donation and tells us who the gift is for. We send them a card acknowledging your generous donation in their name. You will get a tax-donation letter as well. For example, if you want to donate a dollar amount equal to a window or light fixture, we can personalize the gift note with a message like, “Thank you for helping me see the world in a different light” or “Happy birthday to someone who let’s the sun shine in.” The giving possibilities are unlimited!


Let’s get started. Build your Christmas, New Years, and holiday list now -- and check it twice!!!


Who should you shop for from this one-of-a-kind gift giving opportunity? That parent or grandparent that has everything they need or want? Coworkers? Clients? Teachers? Other authors or illustrators? 


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·         Mom and Dad

·         Grandmother and Grandfather

·         Aunt or Uncle

·         Brother or Sister

·         Anyone you love who has everything they need, but you still want to let them know you remembered them at the holidays or any time during the year.



·         Clients

·         Employees

·         Customers

·         Suppliers

·         Business Partner



·         Classmates

·         Graduating seniors

·         Alumni

·         Teachers

·         Staff

·         Anyone at school who has made a difference in your life and education and you want to send a “thank you” or let them know you remembered that at Christmas.




·         Neighbor

·         Friend

·         Boss

·         Co-worker


Anyone else you can think of?


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