A Museum Like None Anywhere, Honors Rep. Jason Villalba and Others for their Contributions to Texas Literacy.

TEXAS – The Texas Authors Institute of History is a museum dedicated to preserving works of the authors of Texas, related publishers, non-profits and others who support writing and reading in the State of Texas. While they do not yet have a physical location, their website currently spotlights over 800 authors from the past 200 years.

Established in 2015, this is the second year in which they will honor Texans and non-profits who have contributed above and beyond, to improving the quality of life for residents in Texas through reading and writing programs.

Awards will be presented at the Texas Authors Institute of History Reception on October 6, 2017 from 7- 10 PM at Main St. Gardens in downtown Dallas as part of the Lone Star Book Festival event that weekend.

Texas Representative Jason Villalba will receive the “Outstanding Citizenship Award for Promoting Literacy.” His dedication and outreach across Texas and the world in promoting education, with a heavy emphasis on reading and writing, is outstanding.

The Houston Writers Guild, has worked hard over the past 20 years, spotlighting reading and writing programs. They are awarded the “Outstanding Texas Non-Profit Award for Literacy”. An ever-growing and changing publishing landscape has created new ways for outreach and promotion of authors.

Mike Blakely, will receive the “Outstanding Social Impact Award,” for his continued work in both the writing and music worlds. This award-winning author and musician continues to enrich lives of Texans and others with music and books. He will be performing at the Lone Star Book Festival’s Author Reception and fundraiser for Texas Authors Institute of History and Hurricane Harvey Library fund on October 6th at the Main Street Gardens in Dallas. You may order tickets here: http://texasauthors.institute/index.php/honorees/honorees-2017/2017-gala

The Texas Author’s Institute of History’s website is constantly growing and changing as awareness expands to the estimated 8,000 plus Texas authors who currently reside in the state. It is estimated that these authors bring in approximately a quarter of a million dollars to the Texas economy, in addition to their contribution to education through their books, other writings and reading programs.

To learn more about the authors and their programs, as well as other Texas authors, please visit the website at TexasAuthors.Institute. or call them at 512-554-9560.