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Random Sample: Something Else In Commmon

(Rhett and Toni Detective Series) (Volume 4)


Random Sample: Something Else In Common

Rhett Sanders is a divorced father of a twelve-year-old daughter named Grace. Rhett is an ordinary man who strives for self respect, character, and courage in everything he does. As the owner of a research firm, his days are busy and demanding. A creature of habit, Rhett Sanders starts his mornings off reading the Houston Chronicle scanning the newspaper quickly. Index cards within reach, he is ready to jot down names of five people published in the news. He enjoys this investigative game and when he arrives at the office of AC Research, he plugs the names into a database of people who were part of the random samples of surveys he conducted in the past, just to see what he discovers. When he cross references the name of Bobby Joe Milstead, he is intrigued.


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Random Sample: Something Else In Common

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