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Crescent City


Crescent City an Alec Walker seriesby Chariss K Walker
Self Published
196 pages
ISBN: 978-1503283909
(c) 2015
First Edition

Alec Winters quietly moves through the streets of New Orleans, looking for predators—those who destroy and prey on innocence. Trained in close-hand combat, he uses these skills when necessary to kill the offenders. Sometimes, his military training isn't needed at all. Sometimes, the only thing it takes to end the lives of wicked, evil men is one look at him. After two suspicious murders in only a short time, the main problem Alec faces in his quest of redemption is a nosy reporter. Vivien Simon came to the metropolitan area to do a series on the effects of Hurricane Katrina—with crime rates on the rise, her interests are drawn to the seedier aspects of the city. She’s hoping to get the story that will make her career. When she discovers that both murder victims were pedophiles, Vivien begins a newspaper and blog campaign that frightens parents and turns the city upside down. Some say the perpetrator of the murders is an angel while others insist it’s a devil. With contrasting accounts, Vivien wonders if a vigilante is on the loose—or worse, a serial killer. She’s hell-bent on discovering the truth, but her persistence and stubbornness might bring her closer to death and damnation than she ever imagined. No one can stop the Angel of God…and they wouldn't want to get in his way.

***Author’s Note: This novel includes A for Angel-Avenger; D for Demon-Destroyer; E for Explicit; G for Graphic and Gritty; L for Language; M for Murder and Mayhem; P for Punishment of Pedophiles and Rapist; R for Retribution; V for Vengeance and Violence. Often, perpetrators don’t get punished for their atrocious crimes. Alec Winters gives these sexual predators exactly what they deserve. Official Review, OnlineBookClub.org 4 of 4 stars: "What really impressed me was the manner in which the author explains the psychology of victims of sex crimes. The author drives home the point that often sex crimes, like pedophilia, are more about control than about actual physical violation."

An Alec Winter Series (book 1)


History of the Book:

This book is a metaphysical/visionary thriller about retribution, but it’s more than “an eye for an eye” justice. Over the years, I learned firsthand when ministering to others that most people have a strong desire for revenge. They want to see those who hurt them get what they deserve. Crescent City, in one sense, is a story that restores hope to those who have lost it. Often victims never see their abusers go to jail or get the punishment that the court systems promise. A victim resorts to prayer but they’re fearful that their prayers will never be answered either. They struggle to hold onto the belief that those who hurt them will get what they deserve—eventually. Alec Winters protects the innocent and metes out justice to perpetrators and in his vigilante justice, gives the reader satisfaction. 



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Chariss K Walker - April 7, 2015

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Crescent City


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