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Chéri Vausé taught theology for 25 years. Ready to retire after her children built their own lives, writing just fit. It was something she truly adored. Having written theological pieces, homilies, editorials, and poetry, the step-up to novel writing was quite a challenge. After self-publishing The Garden of Souls, and achieving some success, a small independent publisher picked up her mystery novels. Being the independent sort, she has spent 2017 writing short stories and novelettes. Her first short story submitted was Black Monday, published by Wildside Press in the anthology:

DAY OF THE DARK: Stories of Eclipse.

Although she's written four noir novels and some short stories painted in the murky shadows of noir, she also writes pulp fiction under the name, Royce Sumrow, science fiction (SF) under the name of Vausé, and romantic stories under the name of Chéri.

Chéri lives on a small ranch with her husband and two dogs, Mulder and Scully, and four ducks: Samantha, Monica, Krycek, and Mr. Fowley.