Green, Ben K

Author: Ben K Green
Publisher:  High Lonesome Books
ISBN: 978-0944383452
Copyright: August 1998
Pages: 160


It was the "late days of the Depression," times were hard and money scarce, and Ben Green "had about used up all the hard ways to make a living a-horseback." So when he heard talk of wild mustangs free for the taking in the Big Bend country of West Texas, he saddled a road horse, put his camp on a pack horse, and headed west from Weatherford, Texas. Ben recounts his tale at an easy lope, through hot days and cold nights, with dashes of danger along the way. Eventually, he rides, ropes, trades, and talks his way through the mountains and deserts of West Texas, northwest Mexico, and Arizona, gathering horses, mules, and an assortment of characters along the way. More than a year and a thousand miles later, he will try to cut the deal that will make it all worthwhile. Displaying a wry wit, sharp opinions and a measure of luck, Ben emerges from the wild unknown a survivor. But his greatest accomplishment will be to tell A Thousand Miles of Mustangin', a range classic that rides the Western Myth well into the 20th Century.ry 12, 1074

Author: Ben K Green
Publisher:  Northland Press; 1st edition hard cover
ISBN: 978-0873580984
Copyright: January 1, 1972
Pages: 145





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