CM Bratton

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When a young leveret fled from war, he set into motion a course of events that would haunt him throughout Time... For Hare, finding home is essential to living a good life. But even after settling into one place after another, he’s unable to find peace. It’s not that the Hare wants to be late. He tries. But a curse hangs over him, a remnant from a past he’s tried hard to forget. If only he could call on Time and beg to end the lateness that plagues his life. But Khronos is Everywhere and Everywhen, and he is not easily summoned. With urging from the ever-game Chess, Hare undertakes a quest through the Borderlands and return to the place he was born. Along the way, he must face body-stealing monsters and a dead world in an attempt to matter to Time and break free once and for all from the Ticking Hand.