The Dry

Above are the two covers related to this book.  The first cover is to the left, with the new 'softer' cover to the right.
by R L Nolen
Self Published
400 pages
ISBN: 9781939889126
(c) 2013

The Dry is a children's historical fantasy that combines the awful truths of the mining world in 1895 West Virginia with an adventure story about a boy who goes on a search for his father and discovers a world underground overrun with giant insects. Some insects are good, some are bad, and some are plain ugly. A blend of fiction and non-fiction that is designed to educate in a delightfully entertaining way.

History of the Book:

The main message is keeping promises.  Set in 1895 West Virginia coal mine country before child labor laws were enacted.



R L Nolen - September 26, 2015